Eusebio Llácer


After taking his Licenciatura degree in Anglo-Germanic Philology from the University of València (Spain), Eusebio V. Llácer began his research on English Linguistics and Literatures during his stay in West Virginia University (U.S.A.), where he earned his M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures. He focussed his Ph.D. research on Translation Theory and American Literature, which he defended in 1995 at the Universitat de València (Spain). In the last twenty years, he has taught Spanish and English, and lectured on various subjects, mainly American Literature and Translation, in the U.S.A. and in Spain. He has also a wide experience as translator of books, articles and reports in the literary, scientific, commercial and technical fields, and is also the author of two books on translation theory: Introducción a los estudios sobre traducción: historia, teoría y análisis descriptivos (1997), and Sobre la traducción: ideas tradicionales y teorías contemporáneas (2004). He is also co-editor of A 21st-Century Retrospective View about Edgar Allan Poe/Una Mirada Retrospectiva sobre Edgar Allan Poe desde el siglo XIX (2011). Moreover, he has published more than fifty papers and articles in national and international periodicals and magazines, presented more than thirty communications in congresses and workshops, given presentations and lectures in various Spanish and American universities on theoretical, descriptive-comparative and applied studies on linguistics, literature and translation.

Since 1998 he has worked as Associate Professor (Profesor Titular) of English Philology and Translation, at the Facultat de Filologia, Traducció i Comunicació (Dept of English and German Philology) of the Universitat de València.

Líneas de investigación:

  • Análisis del discurso en literatura
  • Análisis de los estereotipos en géneros literarios
  • Lingüística Aplicada a la publicidad
  • Contrastes en teoría y práctica de la traducción