Jesús Fernández Domínguez

Jesús Fernández-Domínguez got his PhD in English Linguistics at the University of Jaén in 2008. His research interests revolve around English morphology and word-formation, corpus linguistics and contrastive linguistics English-Spanish. He has been a scientific researcher in Košice (Slovakia), Swansea (Wales) and Patras (Greece), and has been engaged in the organization of events like the 4th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (Jaén, 2012) or New Territories in Word-formation (Sofia, 2013). His publications include a monograph (Peter Lang, 2009), several book chapters and articles in international journals like English Studies, Poznań Studies in Contemporary Linguistics or Terminology.

Lineas de investigación

  • Morfología del inglés
  • Formación de palabras sincrónica del inglés
  • SLA, diseño y análisis de corpus